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SMART Virtual Presence

Property Connect Plus will bring together artificial intelligence building access control, virtual concierge, communications, water leak detection, smart door locks, heating controls, ingenious parking management, parcel locker management and much more …

Integrated Hardware and Software Systems

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Welcome to Condoplex Systems

Condoplex proudly provides a suite of integrated hardware and software systems made to simplify, automate and improve site security and communications.

Since 1987, Condoplex Systems has been designing and manufacturing integrated security and communication systems for condominiums, mixed-use, retirement living and gated communities

Our integrated solutions include smart home solutions, telephone entry systems, access/elevator systems, emergency intercom stations and suite security, all delivered in a single software platform.

Condoplex technology gives you the ability to monitor and manage your entire system remotely.

Why Condoplex Systems
  • Database backup to the cloud.
  • Secure remote access for property managers.
  • System health monitoring/automatic system updates.
  • Emergency personnel calls answered; access provided.
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