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The Smart Building Solution

Introducing the next generation of the Condoplex System: Property Connect Plus. which eliminates the need to implement multiple systems with one smart- building solution. Property Connect Plus runs on secure CPLX Linux 6.0+, a significant upgrade of our software employing 90% new code. This re-design enables us to create a common set of modules that can be shared across all platforms, whether the device is a server, controller, entry phone, or cloud- based service.

Resulting in a swift rollout of new and customized features at a reduced cost and with higher system uptime.

Property Connect Plus sees the introduction of many new features and hardware devices. It is now possible to hold two-way audio/video conversations between guard screens, entry phones, and touchscreen intercom stations. Mobile APPS for iOS and Android are available for both residents and guards. We have developed predictive technologies (auto-sense) to calibrate the Guard Interface based on the software modules selected, entered data and patterns of usage.

Multiple Devices
One System. One Database.

Multiple Devices
                                    One System. One Database.

One Central System

  • With Condoplex, all of your intercoms, panic stations, suite alarms, access control (doors/elevator cabs/parking gates), and visitor entry systems are managed by a single server and database.
  • One System is easier to manage and maintain than multiple systems from many manufacturers.
  • A single audit point for all of your security events.
  • One User Interface for entering data or sharing information.
  • One system supported by factory technicians.
Central System

One Central Mobile App – Many Services

Beginning a whole new era in the Condoplex System Architecture is the release of our Mobile App. This App will truly transform your community and is designed for both the resident and security guard. Utilizing one central Mobile App simplifies staff & resident training. This also simplifies the move-in/move-out process for managers. Having on app with multiple services eliminates these issues. Our Condoplex app centralizes and streamlines many functions:

  • Guard calling whilst on patrol.
  • Video calls from entry phones to residents.
  • Visitor Management (coming soon).
  • Suite Services / Panel Status / Elevator Control
  • Bluetooth access.
  • NFC (Coming soon).

Guard Station

Every emergency request, intercom call, suite alarm, access or elevator event is placed before the security guard on ONE screen.

CPLX Linux 6.0+ enables full capability of audio and video calls directly from the Guard Screen, thereby eliminating the need for the traditional Guard’s desk phone. An Enrollment station connects to the PC to permit error-free and simplified credential management. This station also doubles as a TAP ON sign-in mechanism which is a more convenient, yet secure method of controlling access to the system.

  • Immediately connect to any resident’s phone or Mobile App.
  • Receive Audio/Video calls from Condoplex field devices.
  • Multiple 7 x 24 Live video feeds.
  • Predictive use technologies to make the guard more efficient in their work.
  • Integrated functions to action connected events, Answer call – Open Door and release elevator floor.
  • Provides a complete audit of every call made to a resident or staff member, or security event which may be used to examine adherence to building procedures.

Remote Services

Condoplex technology gives you the ability to monitor and manage your entire system remotely.

  • Database backup to the cloud.
  • Secure remote access for property managers.
  • System health monitoring/automatic system updates.
  • Emergency personnel calls answered; access provided.
  • Roaming Guards can field entryphone or intercom calls.
  • Alarm events can be processed from a central station.
  • Suite Alarms managed and responded to by a central station.
  • Panic stations and intercom calls answered by a central station when concierge and guards are not available.

Powerful SMART building technology

Property COnnect Plus
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